Waitress and Photographer
Cat mother to Link aka Magwin

Im on a date and its not got very well courtneylover

I had a moment last night, I woke up in a hot mess and I guess I was sleep thrashing because my head is killing now. No idea what time It was but it was daylight outside and now I feel totally drained. Could have possibly been talking/ screaming because I woke up to a loud sound and my throat is painful now. 

Had a really strange dream about potential fb guy, so that was odd.

white girls in paris 
Snapchat gold

Today I got three prescriptions and I realised I’m old.

my memory for import stuff is crap.

ask me how much fish and chips cost in my old shop (£5.80) and I know.

ask me when my assessment at the doctors is and I have no clue.

So i’ve been asleep most of today and earlier I woke up and couldn’t catch my breath and was coughing and wheezing loads and no one saved me so I could have died the end, 


im like 2% cute and 98% single

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