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FUNNY THAT I was talking about Sam as I found out today after he told me he liked me and stuff he was sleeping with two other girls as well as me.
Thats kinda rude.

Anonymous: Sam was never cool

:’) Never as cool as me thats for sure. 

journeytothestage: FAKE HARDER >:[


Anonymous: why?

we saw each other for a bit and I stopped talking to him and he stopped talking to me so it just ended.

He’s not the same guy I used to date and that makes me sad. That guy was cool. New Sam’s a bit off. We are both pretty messed up in the head too.

journeytothestage: Fake it till you make it sugar ;)

Tried and failed  

Anonymous: are you not with Sam?

Nope :(

journeytothestage: Stop being a nutcase then :P

I cant i was born this way baybeee

My ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend have been together over a year.

and here i am can’t even get a boyfriend because i’m a nutcase

I need some dick I NEED SOME DICKKK